Friday, July 19th, 2019 (9:00 AM – 6:00 PM)


Champion Influence® Summit

The Champion Influence® Summit is a full day gathering of entrepreneurs and leaders designed to expand and influence the P4 areas: Potential, Purpose, Personal Growth, and Persistence.  Attendees will leave the summit positioned for success, stability, and sustainability in 2020 and beyond.

The summit will open with the Dominate Your Confidence keynote address by Champion Influence® Creator, Toy L. Smith. Next, a panel of experts will share strategy on choices they made to influence potential, purpose, personal growth, and persistence leading to amplified influence as well as impact. After that, attendees will choose success sessions in place to provide a path to execute best practices. And finally, if you have ever wanted to become a published author, the authorship bonus session will allow you to influence your voice leaving a legacy for generations to come.

Join us for the Champion Influence® Summit Hosted by Kappa Delta Sigma Alumnae Chapter – Nassau, Bahamas with Master Coach Toy L. Smith and special guests.

: Kappa Delta Sigma Alumnae Chapter – Nassau, Bahamas

The Guest Speakers

Dr. Heather N. Henley

CEO & Master Crisis Therapist®
Indianapolis, IN

Toyinda L. Smith

Master Champion Influence® Coach
Hartsville, SC

Vernessa Cates

Entrepreneur & Empowerment Speaker
Eleuthera, Bahamas

Tamesha Cash

Founder For Parenting on Prayer
Nassau, Bahamas

Char-Michelle McDowell

The Well Consulting Firm™
Normal, IL

Charisa Munroe

President & CEO of Charisa Munroe, LLC
Jacksonville, FL

Shani E. McIlwain

Founder of Practical Partners LLC & Exec. Coach
Washington, D.C.

Speaker’s Bios

Toyinda L. Smith, MS

Toyinda L. Smith is an entrepreneur, inspirational speaker and the author of two personal success – self-coaching handbooks. She creates winning effects through unlocking and unleashing audiences’ potential to succeed, stand-out and shift. Toyinda uniquely guides individuals to re-wire every area of the mindset, teaches a process to re-fire passion, and equips people to re-set self, placing them on a championship track.

She is the principal of Leadership Strategy & Consulting, where she specializes in guiding individuals and groups – particularly women, teams, and organizations – to be champions in leadership, athletics, education, and business. Additionally, she licenses influencers to be professional coaches through the Champion Influence® Coaching Certification Program.

As a former athlete, she earned the privilege of being inducted into two athletic halls of fame and has been honored by a host of other organizations for leadership and innovation. She is certified with the John C. Maxwell Program and earned an associate’s degree in organizational leadership and supervision and double bachelor’s degrees in psychology and sociology at Purdue University. As well as a master’s degree in student affairs and higher education. She is a member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Incorporated and is the proud mother of two insightful teenagers.

Heather Henley

From domestic abuse victim to best-selling author, Heather Henley is the master of crisis therapy – shaking up the broken to swiftly bring their junk to the surface to enable them to deal with it now. She promotes mass healing quickly (versus individual healing slowly) and has a proven track record in getting amazing results in the most hopeless situations – even where others have failed.

Heather knows that you are not your past and until you have the right tools, you can’t ever fully live presently.

She has more than twenty years of field experience in all areas of mental health.  Getting her hands dirty in the trenches is where her heart has always gravitated. On the streets of Skid Row is where Heather honed her short term dynamic therapy while interning alongside faculty of Pepperdine University and UCLA.

A woman of passion, vision, and purpose, Heather embodies a no-nonsense approach in her message. “If it can’t be done in six months, it can’t be done” is a quote she lives by as she is hand-picked by state agencies to work with the worst clients to stabilize them.  Her clients refer to affectionately as the “Queen of Consequences” as she is constantly reinforcing belief in natural consequences and accountability.  She is transparent, without pretense, and wise in her counsel.

She has a bachelor’s in political science from Indiana State University, a masters in criminology from Indiana State University and community psychology from Martin University, is a licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC), with credentials as a Certified Sexually Abusive Youth Clinician (CSAYC), a Registered Behavior Consultant (BS), a Qualified Mental Health Professional (QMHP), and a PhD candidate in Christian Counseling.

In her free time, she likes to travel and sing. She is happily married to a mental health care professional and is the proud mother of two children.

Vernessa Cates

Vernessa Cates is a motivational speaker helping women who are broken and battered by low self-esteem.  A businesswoman and entrepreneur for over 20 years, Vernessa has a servant’s heart.  She is passionate about helping others become the best version of themselves.  Vernessa is an active member of International prayer & Deliverance Apostolic Ministries. She is a wife and mother of 3 beautiful girls.  Her favorite scripture that she lives by daily is Philippians 4:13

Tamesha Cash

Tamesha Cash is known as a creative entrepreneur and prophetic intercessor. As the founder of Parenting on Prayer, she encourages and equips parents with practical ideas and prayer strategies for parenting. A party planner, she is the owner of Everything Creative.

Having been employed in the insurance industry for 18 plus years, she has obtained an Associate, Customer Service (ACS) and Associate, Life Management Institute (ALMI) Designation from Life Office Management Association. She is a world class leader with International Women in Leadership Online Training. She is well versed in the John Maxwell 21 laws of leadership.

A woman of prayer, called and anointed by God as a prophetic intercessor. Tamesha strongly believes her first and greatest assignment is being a gatekeeper for her family.

Char-Michelle McDowell

Char-Michelle McDowell is an entrepreneur who has decided to live life on purpose.  Her strong faith and encouraging spirit brought about the creation of an apparel brand, in 2014, called The B.R.A.G. (Boast Radically About God) Collection™.  She recently started The Well Consulting Firm™, shortly after earning her master’s degree in Organizational Leadership & Consulting.  Her studies, along with her leadership experience of 20+ years, has ignited a passion to inspire and train leaders and organizations, through a platform called Leader Prints™, a division of her consulting firm.

This transformational leader and speaker is a Champion Influence Coach® and emerging author of her first book, which will aid others in living boldly in purpose, realizing their dreams.  Her love for writing allows her to reach women around the world while serving as a columnist for online magazines called Leadership TKO and Shulamite Woman.  Those who encounter Char often leave empowered.

Charisa Munroe

Charisa Munroe is an influential and motivational speaker who is activating action in individuals and organizations across the world, sharing the foundational message of purpose and hope that was instilled in her by her legendary parents, Drs. Myles and Ruth Munroe. Expanding on the knowledge gained at home, Charisa earned several degrees including a Bachelor of Social Work, Master of Social Work and Master of Business Administration from esteemed universities. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) she is able to bring empathy and advocacy to the business principles of development and growth; it is this unique approach that supports her effective work in various nations and sectors, with diverse individuals. Charisa has broken beyond the four walls of the religious realm and has taken the messages of leadership, mentoring, purpose and valiant hope to other organizational domains including social service and government agencies, and other leading businesses around the world.

Charisa currently serves as President of The Myles and Ruth Munroe Foundation and Vice President of Munroe Global Inc., both of which propel her to add fuel to the fire she is sparking in the hearts and souls of many. She is President and CEO of Charisa Munroe, LLC, a personal brand company that serves to empower lives and help others to define, develop and deploy their purpose for greatness. She counts it a great honor to lead others into reaching the meritorious level of their lives. Charisa is a new, up-and-coming author with new release, “31-Day Devotional: Empowerment for Everyday Living.”

Shani McIlwain

Hilarious and transparent are two words that describe Shani as a speaker.  Known for her candid personal stories she weaves her “messy” moments of life into practical teaching moments for others.  Shani McIlwain is the host of her own BlogTalk radio show that airs every Monday night where she shares love, light, and life with thousands of listeners across the country.

Shani motivates her audiences with practical principles to be effective in all areas of life. Shani’s transformative messages help people change their mindsets, shift perspective and maximize the potential within.

Shani is the author of two bestselling devotionals Sharing My Mess: 90 Days of Prayer and Spiritual Intimacy with God and It’s Time to Make a Change: 30 days to renew your mind, heart, and soul.  Using prayer as a catalyst for change, Shani teaches audiences how to apply prayer habits into daily practices.

Shani is an active Deacon of Faith Presbyterian Church in Washington, DC where she leads Bible study, many women’s events, and small groups.  She is an executive coach and entrepreneur.

Always looking forward to teaching and inspiring others, look for Shani McIlwain in a city near you!

Follow the journey at or social media @askforshani

Nassau, Bahamas

Holy Trinity Activity Centre Trinity Way Stapledon Gardens

  • Registration
  • 8:30 AM
  • Event Starts
  • 9:30 AM – 6:00 PM


$100.00 through April 30th includes lunch

$125.00 Starting May 1st -June 30th includes lunch

Registration Ends on June 30th



The Champion Influence® Coaching Certification Program

1-Day Intensive

The Champion Influence® Coaching Certification Program is a 1-day intensive with completion ceremony. It is action-packed, interactive and designed to help you operate as a coaching leader as well as start or enhance your own coaching practice. The focus of this intensive will be on delivering techniques that allow professionals to gain skills in organizational and individual coaching. This intensive program equips you to empower and transform your coachees through unlocking their potential using coaching models along with specific and intentional professional guidance. Instruction to become a certified coach is implemented in a face to face live format.

In this Champion Influence® Coaching Certification Program, men and women will:

  • Become familiar with the coaching profession and techniques
  • Learn to transform managers into coaching leader
  • Be equipped to partner with individuals to reach objectives
  • Be licensed to facilitate the Champion Influence® Coaching & Leadership Curriculum
  • Obtain 1.0 Professional Development Continuing Education Unit (CEU) conferred through the University of North Georgia

Creating winning effects in every area of life!

Saturday, July 20th, 2019 (9:00 AM – 8:00 PM)


Nassau, Bahamas

Holy Trinity Activity Centre Trinity Way Stapledon Gardens

  • Registration
  • 8:30 AM
  • Event Starts
  • 9:30 AM – 6:00 PM

Pay in Full

Early Bird Pay in Full $699 (until April 30)

Regular $849 Pay in Full (May 1-June 30)


Registration Ends on June 30th

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