Hump Day Lunch & Learn

Investment: $20.

Includes Materials and Catered Lunch by Jireh’s SFR . 

  • Is your influence with others missing?
  • Are you tired of being passed up for the chance to gain exposure and/or serve on high impact committees?
  • Do people perceive you as unapproachable?
  • Are you searching for ways to be recognized for command presence?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, register for the Getting The Yes! So That’s How You Increase Influence Lunch & Learn on your right.

This interactive lunch and learn will equip you with the methods to quickly increase your influence with others leading to an expansion in your collaborations, connections, and COINS!

Other Leadership Strategies


Ensuring Engagement: Creating a Culture of Championship Performance

Summary: Leadership involves ensuring that all team members are actively engaged within the work environment. In this action learning session, the focus is on the twelve elements of employee engagement as described through the research completed by the Gallup Center. Leaders will leave knowing how to engage employees which lead to a culture of commitment as indicated by collaboration, trust, impact, genuine relationships and championship results.

In this workshop participants will:

  • Understand components of employee engagement and proven engagement drivers.
  • Develop ways to strengthen and empower employees within the organization.
  • Learn ways to sustain team collaborations and engagement.
  • Create a culture of commitment to drive performance in the workplace.


Building Winning Customer Relations Through Emotional Intelligence

Summary: Emotional Intelligence (EI) refers to the ability to recognize, manage and assess emotions. This skill ultimately leads to the capacity to use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior in all environments including service providing workplaces. Psychologist and researcher, Daniel Goleman suggest that emotional intelligence is learned, and can be cultivated.  This training focuses on the five categories (empathy, social skills, motivation, self-awareness, and self-regulation) of emotional intelligence and the strategies for winning customers leading to the creation lasting impact.

In this customer relations training, participants will:

  • Understand Emotional Intelligence.
  • Learn what makes emotional intelligence significant to customer service.
  • Be introduced to ways to increase emotional intelligence.
  • Learn ways to utilize emotional intelligence to provide excellent service to diverse customers.

Coaching Teams to Become Champions

Summary: In business, coaching is a function of demonstrating leadership and very different from the antiquated model of command and control. Coaching is a leadership style that takes a more holistic approach to guiding teams, especially through conflict.  One way to create champions in the team environment is through understanding coaching techniques and mastering conflict in the workplace.

In this training, participants will:

  • Understand how the “coaching leader” increases team investment.
  • Learn to conquer conflict leading teams to be victorious at work.
  • Equip your teams to find solutions.
  • Learn practical coaching strategies to strengthen and inspire your team to be champions.


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