Does one have confidence then take action, or take action then have confidence? Every day in secret we struggle with mastering the ability to win with certainty. Overthinking takes place, personal significant tasks are disregarded, and the development of inaccurate personal views arise. We remain inaudible and dormancy becomes normalcy. Confidence demands action. Action requires confidence.Packed with insight, challenges, and workable takeaways, The Handbook to Dominate Your Confidence Using Four Practical Steps will transform your perspective of confidence so that you dominate it effortlessly.

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Toyinda L. Smith is the creator of the Champion Influence® Coaching Certification Program, an inspirational speaker, business coach, and author of ‘The Handbook to Unleash Your Potential.’  She is the principal of Leadership Strategy & Consulting, LLC, a team and leader advancement firm where through innovation and execution focused solutions, she positions people to be champions in the business, education, athletics and leadership domains.