What We Do

Leadership Strategy & Consulting, LLC  works with non-profit organizations, businesses, and corporations who want to develop their teams’ intangible such as influence, innovation, and adaptability, required to increase the tangibles such as remarkable results, community impact, and profits.

What Makes Us Different?

Execution Oriented Solutions

We delight in taking our clients through a systematic process of clarifying goals which lead to unquestionable strategy (what to do) so that it is easy to perform or “make it happen.”

Championship Mindset Development

Athletic Principles transcend sports and are applicable in all business. Our work centers around equipping our clients to shift paradigms, behaviors, and mindsets to gain sustainable championship results.

Connections-Led Consulting

Building trust is a priority. We use discernment and global listening skills to build lasting and genuine relationships so that we can fully understand and help assess the needs of our clients.

Personalized Approach

We uniquely focus on developing the intangibles such as influence, adaptability, and innovation which is a requirement to increase the tangibles like profits, community impact, and big results.

Our Approach

We offer leadership conferences, seminars, keynote speaking, and coaching that focus on the analysis and practical application of proven leadership strategies. These opportunities lead to an increase in employee engagement, the expansion of a leaders influence with employees and stakeholders and the inspiration to improve results.

We lead our clients through a process that helps identify their strengths and the strengths of those with which they interact using the Real Colors Personality Typing System. This leads to positive communication that equips clients with the tools to effectively accomplish objectives through listening in the language of the speaker and speaking in the language of the listener.

We help our clients understand, apply, and integrate Clifton StrengthsFinder results into their respective lives, community roles, and work environments. This understanding allows our clients to gain knowledge and appreciation for their talents as well as devote time in expanding their strengths.

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