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The idea of unleashing potential is a trending concept in athletics. It is also a powerful theme in women’s organizations, ministry, business, civic domains, and academics. Toyinda L. Smith, a former NCAA Champion, has mastered this approach. In order to win, accomplish goals, meet objectives, be successful and rise to your best possible self, potential must manifest. In this handbook, you will learn six practical steps, that if implemented, will prepare you to unleash your potential in any of these areas of life: family, career, spiritual, personal, financial, physical health and mental health. Potential is innate; it takes confidence and movement to unleash it. This handbook will move you beyond stagnation to action, positioning you to achieve more in life.

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Toyinda L. Smith is purposeful, passionate and persistent. As well as an entrepreneur, leader, and champion influence™ infuser. After 14 years of serving in leadership capacities at Purdue University, she founded Leadership Strategy & Consulting, LLC where she specializes in guiding individuals and groups – particularly women, teams, and organizations – to be champions in leadership, athletics, education, and business. Toyinda is an energizing speaker who stirs teams to increase productivity in every way. She weaves personal and professional anecdotes into her talks inspiring attendees to action. She provides training to non-profit organizations higher education institutions and businesses in such topics as employee engagement, becoming a coaching leader, temperament identification, emotional intelligence, support staff empowerment and advancing team goals. As a coach, she equips, educates and empowers people to start or enhance their coaching practice through the champion influence™ coaching certification program.

“Once you understand your why, the pressure in the pursuit becomes worth it! That’s true in business, athletics and in your personal life.”

– Toyinda L. Smith



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